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So you are buying a house – WOW – how exciting! After all it’s the kiwi dream. You start the process. You write the list and then you start looking at properties – maybe with an agent or on your own. You see a few houses, they are ok and then you see that one house that – it ticks ALL the boxes. It’s amazing. You can see yourself living happily in this house. It is your dream home. It has the WOW factor. You are SOLD. Then comes the negotiations. You put your offer in, the agent asks “what conditions do you want to put on it”.

What do you do? You really want this house! The more conditions you put on it the less likely they are to choose your offer – ? Not necessarily. This is a BIG purchase. The last thing you want is to find that your dream home leaks or that the roof needs replacing or it could be worse. The stress!!

A Pre-Purchase Inspection hi-lights the issues and saves you in the long run. So here’s 5 reasons for a Pre-Purchase Inspection:

  1. Pin points any safety issues.
  2. Provides you with a maintenance list – so you know what you can expect.
  3. Checks structural soundness (visual only)
    1. Roofing beams
    2. Rusting Roofs
    3. Cracking Walls
    4. Dampness
  4. Additional Structures
    1. Garages
    2. Additional buildings
  5. Know what you are buying
    1. Know the risks

Plenty of people have fallen into the trap of not getting a pre-purchase inspection and a lot of people have had the unfortunate situation of wishing they had. DON’T MAKE THAT MISTAKE! The other thing people do is they go for cheap vs quality. Make sure you get a quality report.

Quality Always Pays. Remember to get us to do your pre-purchase inspection and avoid your dream home becoming a nightmare!!

Post Author: Mike Gilling

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