Remediation, Before, During, After.

Remediation is the process of finding, reporting and overseeing the repair of a leaky home or building. There are three parts to remediation:

Corrective Building Surveyors provide comprehensive and efficient solutions to leaky homes, from initial diagnosis through to project completion.

Investigation and Reporting

CBS will look for leaks, defects and other issues that may be affecting your home or building. You will then receive a Builder’s Report with a recommended course of action.

This type of investigation typically involves tests where small holes are drilled in the outside of the building to find moisture. If high levels of moisture are detected, or there are other concerns, small areas of cladding may be removed. These samples are taken for analysis of timber treatment and decay. Following the investigation a report is provided, with a recommended course of action.


After Investigation and Reporting, we work closely with you and an architect to design a plan to fix the issues. This plan takes into account weathertightness issues, aesthetics and any other work to fix the problems with your home or building.

Once a design brief is agreed, concept plans are made and we put together a scope of works (the work that needs to be done). Once the concept plans are approved by you, we prepare full working drawings. A FAP (Financial Assistance Package) Repair Plan can also be made. When these documents are completed, they are sent to the Council for building consent. Then we can supply tenders to interested builders.

Contract Administration

Our Building Surveyor’s are experienced in overseeing the repair of your home or building. You and the builder are kept in the loop with regular site meetings. We check original framing and look for any evidence of building failure, in case any legal action is required. We also review the costs that the builder is claiming for, and if you’re using the FAP scheme, we’ll assist with the invoicing of payments.