We used Mike Gilling of Corrective Building Surveyors to complete a pre-purchase property inspection of two rental properties. In addition to being timely and professional, the quality of the work that he carried out and the report he produced was outstanding. The report was laid out clearly with supporting photos where necessary and afforded us the ability to go into the purchase with full knowledge of potential issues and provided the capacity for us to renegotiate the purchase price, ultimately saving us money. I unreservedly recommend Mike and would not hesitate to use him again in the future.


Peter Dobbs


Dobbs Developments

Pre purchase building inspection

In June 2015 I engaged Mike Gilling of Corrective Building Surveyors to undertake invasive moisture testing on my property situated in Hamilton.

As part of his service, and upon completion of the testing, Mike provided me with a comprehensive and detailed written report commenting on the moisture issues related to the property. The report included:

An outline of the nature, scope and extent of the testing undertaken;

Comment on key isolated areas of concern;

Effective photographs and colour coded guidance for ease of reference; and

Suggested remedial action.

Mike Gilling’s service in connection with the provision of the invasive moisture testing has been professional, prompt, comprehendible and most importantly, ‘to the point’.

Mike has continually made himself readily available to discuss any queries I have had and provide further assistance in connection with my proposed remedial works, possible contractors and the general process in connection with such proposed remedial works.

I would have no concerns with recommending Mike Gilling to undertake invasive moisture testing and comment on the same to other people or entities requiring such services.

I am more than happy to discuss any of the matters raised above.

Tom WillisFormer All Black

I contracted Mike Gilling to perform invasive testing and reporting on my rental property, when it was shown to have issues with weathertightness and moisture ingress.

Mike’s service was prompt, professional and accurate.

Once the issues were identified Mike then supervised the remedial work required to correct them. He liaised with the builders, architect and council.

Finding out that my property was a leaky home was a very stressful and frustrating experience. However once Mike became involved, his skill and expertise made the process of remediation smooth and stress free, and he ensured that the work was carried out in a timely fashion.

I found Mikes work to be excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike to anyone who requires a weathertightness surveyor.

Please feel free to contact me if you require anything further.


Dr Damian ChaseSpecialist in Small Animal SurgeryVeterinary Specialities (Vetspecs) Ltd90 Disraeli Street, Addington, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand

We have used Mike Gilling’s services as a sub-consultant in several weather tightness investigations. I found him to have a good understanding of the issues and processes that are involved when assessing leaky buildings. Mike demonstrated a high level of competency and a good knowledge of the legislation and documentation relating to the construction industry and the weather tightness sector. I have found him to be thorough and professional at all times when I have worked with him.

Frank WiemannDirectorSectionONE Building ConsultantsAuckland

Mike Gilling has assisted me with several weather tightness assessments of leaky homes as a contractor, and as a colleague assisting another established Government assessor. Mike has a good all round knowledge of building weather tightness, and is thorough in his assessments. In my observations, Mike does a good job as a weather tightness assessor. He has demonstrated that he knows how a building works and what is expected of a cladding system. He understands the mechanics of how moisture is likely to get in to a building and knows how to test for it and find it. I am happy to recommend Mike for this type of work.

Craig DoddRegistered Building Surveyor and Weathertightness Assessor

I engaged Mike Gilling to carry out a pre-purchase inspection for a residential home, and then because his inspection was so valuable, engaged him a second time. He was able to respond promptly, and carried out comprehensive examinations that went well beyond a standard visual inspection. His written detail, photos, moisture meter measurements and recommendations gave me confidence that the home I eventually bought was completely sound.

Mike’s extensive building weather tightness experience showed when he uncovered several hidden faults. Although minor now, these would have resulted in large repair costs in the future. He identified a leaking window sill, a doubtful roof repair, and several other invisible issues. These would have taken me years to notice and would have caused progressive water damage. Rather than waiting for a major moisture damage crisis, I have been able to get these fixed as tiny repairs. The maintenance schedule he supplied also alerted me to repair costs in the years ahead and I was able to build these into my price offers. The cost of Mike’s service was more than covered by the money saved in the negotiations for the sale price of the house I eventually bought. The superb detail that Mike gives about a house’s current and future problems is definitely well worth the investment.

Dr Ingrid HuygensResearch Leader and National TrainerWintecHamilton